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Hearing Heaven

How To Hear GOD

When Reading Your Bible

The Bible is God’s Word revealed through men moved upon by the Holy Spirit. Why, then, does reading from its pages appear to have little or no impact? You read what you read, but thirty minutes later, you can’t remember what you read. If the Bible is God’s Word, why is it often a dull and lackluster reading experience?


Real Truth Matters Publishing

The Fight of Faith: How a Christian Can Experience Assurance of Salvation, published by Real Truth Matters Publishing. Why do Christians struggle with assurance? What is the root cause and how do you press through and gain it? This book tackles these questions and feeds faith what it needs to fight and prevail.


What makes this book on the assurance of salvation different from other books on the subject? There are some great titles one can read explaining what assurance is, and helping the reader know if they are truly a Christian. Many of these books take the approach of a checklist, giving the reader a list of criteria to evaluate their standing before the Lord. The weakness of this method is that one can convincingly answer the biblical tests of faith, yet still struggle with their assurance. This volume does not do that; rather Michael Durham deals with the subject differently. He gets to the root cause of why a Christian struggles with whether God accepts him or her.

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