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Announcing First real truth matters associate evangelist

Often, the Lord works in my life through the impetus of others. As a pastor of twenty-three

years, most often, turning points in my ministry came at the suggestion and prodding of others.

The Lord has used others to open my mind to His ways. In 1995, one of the dear sisters in our church came to me and said that my ministry need not be kept within the walls of our church. Others, she pleaded, needed to hear what I had to say. By the fall of that year, we began a daily radio program featuring my preaching that became very popular with listeners.

In 2008, two men in the church came to me with the idea of an area-wide conference that would help pastors and church leaders. A website was created to promote the conference, and the name of the website and conference was Real Truth Matters. That conference began the present ministry as a volunteer-run web-based ministry. A year later, two brothers in the church came to me at separate times in a short window of time. With no knowledge of how God dealt with each other, they both stated that they believed the Lord wanted them to leave their current occupation and work for Real Truth Matters. After much prayer, RTM became a full-time ministry with two employees and myself.

Our move to the great state of Texas did not originate with me either. It was something that the elders of Providence Chapel, Denton, TX, became burdened about and prayed for weeks before reaching out to me. They asked if I would prayerfully consider moving Real Truth Matters to the church and be a part of a wonderful congregation of amazing saints. Consequently, here we are grateful to God for His kind providence through the wise leadership of godly elders.

And, so, this brings me to the joy of this blog, announcing a new direction for Real Truth

Matters. In the spring of 2023, a pastor in Northeast Oklahoma called me and expressed his heart for my ministry. He said he felt deeply about helping me. Somehow, he wanted to lighten my load and promote the ministry so more could know about it and receive the good he had received. I thanked him for the sentiment but did not see how such was possible. A few weeks later, we talked again, but this time, my pastor friend shared ways he believed he could assist me. At this point, I began to pray; I prayed for months. Finally, after consultation, prayer, and godly counsel, I agreed that it was the will of God for this dear brother to join me in the endeavor of promoting the pursuit of New Testament Christianity by pursuing Jesus Christ as the Gospel.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce Brother Nathan (Nate) Freeman as our first RTM associate evangelist. Brother Nate will serve the ministry in communications and social media. He has already proven to be a valuable part of the ministry by completely redesigning and building this new website. He will also travel with me, as much as possible, and assist in sermon recording, editing, and posting the messages I preach. He will share in the writing of blogs and podcasts. He is also available to preach at worship services, conferences, revivals, and evangelistic meetings under the banner of Real Truth Matters. With all my heart, I recommend this capable preacher, and I know the Lord will use him to carry forth this mission and ministry.

In our next blog, you will hear from Nate, where he will explain the Lord’s operation in his heart to lead him to RTM. Below is a brief video introducing Brother Nathan Freeman. Please pray that Nate and I together will impact the advancement of the kingdom more than we could do individually. Neither of us has any interest in self-promotion. I would say we have a strong disgust for promoting ourselves or even the ministry. Our heart is to promote and proclaim our Lord Jesus Christ. We echo the words of one of the greatest evangelists the church has witnessed, George Whitefield, when he said, “Let my name perish, but let Christ's name endure forever."

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